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For those of us that enjoy the automotive lifestyle, welcome to today’s most sought after and memorable automotive rallies, FuelRun. We bring you luxurious lifestyle behind the wheel on America’s finest roads. FuelRun was established to present you with a 1-3 day premium rally experience that also connects you to the sponsors and brands we all trust. You’ll find FuelRun rallies in exhilarating locations such as Los Angeles, Monterey, Orange County, Las Vegas, Palm Springs, San Diego, and Miami.


Ready to rally at night? FuelRun Midnight Run is a Night and Day rally with over 100 cars that begins in Southern California with Las Vegas being our final destination in the month of December.


Two iconic and scenic cities linked by 75 exotic cars stretching their legs. FuelRun Palm Springs is a 2-day event starting in San Diego and taking us to Palm Springs for some sun and relaxation.


Car Week here we come. FuelRun Monterey is our annual voyage of 100 cars starting in Southern California that takes us to Monterey for Monterey Car Week in the month of August.


The passion and drive for hitting the open road is in all of us. FuelRun attracts many different participants to include heads of Hypercar companies looking to test the durability of their latest creation, familiar actors and athletes that love getting behind the wheel, as well as your favorite creators from YouTube and more. So, whether it’s your first rally, or you’re coming back for more, FuelRun is the place to see and be seen.