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FuelRun – Monterey Event #1: Malibu to Monterey | Event #2: Drive Monterey & Rolex Monterey Motorsports Reunion

fr-3For those of us that enjoy the automotive lifestyle… FuelRun, an event organized by goldRush Rally brings you FuelRun Monterey. FuelRun Monterey 2017 will consist of two events, FuelRun – Malibu to Monterey on Wednesday August 16th and FuelRun – Drive Monterey on Saturday, August 19th.

*You have to be over twenty one years of age to drive on the event. *Registration is strictly open to super, hyper, exotic and luxury automobiles.

FuelRun Monterey – Event #1 Malibu to Monterey Package Includes

fr-2» Light breakfast at the start grid at a scenic location in Malibu
» Official FuelRun Monterey sticker packet applied by our graphic sponsor Protective Film Solutions
» Breathtaking route and scenic stops scouted by FuelRun team
» California costal cuisine lunch for two
» FuelRun T-shirt for both participants

FuelRun Monterey – Event #2 Drive Monterey &
Rolex Monterey Motorsports Reunion Package Includes

fr-1 » Start grid at a predetermined location in Monterey
» Official FuelRun Monterey sticker packet applied by our graphic sponsor Protective Film Solutions
» Breathtaking route and scenic stops scouted by FuelRun team
» Two all day passes to attend Rolex Monterey Motorsports Reunion
» VIP Parking Pass for Laguna Seca Raceway center Island
» Gourmet lunch for two served at Laguna Seca Raceway center Island
» FuelRun T-shirt for both participants

FuelRun at Exotics On Cannery Row

fr-9For one week out of the year the quiet coastal town of Monterey turns into a mecca for the automotive world drawing visitors from around the globe. Monterey Car Week is an inspirational experience full of rare cars, breathtaking scenery and memorable events. For automotive enthusiasts, collectors and curators it is the ultimate representation of their passion.

FuelRun Official Automotive Transport

fr-99 jpJP Logistics is the FuelRun official automotive transport sponsor. If you are planning on shipping your automobile to Los Angeles for the start or back home from Las Vegas, JP offers a special discounted price to FuelRun Participants. Please contact JP Logistics at 818.381.8313 or email them at arman@jplogistics.net



The team at Exotics On Cannery Row would like to welcome Bro’s Automotive Detailing as our sponsor and the detailing team on premises if any participants want a wash during the show or anytime during the Monterey Car Week. Please contact Miguel Torres at 213.344.7871 or email them at looney.torres@yahoo.com. You can follow them on IG @brosautomotivedetail to see some of their latest work.

FuelRun – Midnight Run to Las Vegas, February 24 – 26th, 2017

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